8 memorable first-time experiences at Iowa State

There are some things that happen in life that you never forget. Like your first home run! Okay, bad example. I never actually hit a home run. But you get the point. Sometimes things happen and you always remember the first time it happened. This is true at Iowa State, too! Here’s a list of Iowa State firsts!

1. First time seeing the albino squirrel

Don’t act like this wasn’t you. Maybe you were on your way to class and people were around so you tried to keep it cool on the outside, but on the inside you were definitely doing this.

2. First time accidentally walking on the zodiac

If you walk on the zodiac in the MU, then legend has it you are doomed to fail your next test. Well, back before I knew this, I tramped right across it. It worked out okay, but I was panicking for a while.

3. First time walking into Jack Trice or Hilton

You probably waited for hours to get in or had anticipated this event for a good amount of time. Then when you finally get through the entrance and the stadium opens up… <3

4. Campaniling

All you romantics out there know what I’m talking about. The lovebirds meeting up under the Campanile at midnight. S’cute.

5. First super dog

Some people may say Campaniling is beautiful, but I’d say it’s got nothing on a super dog. I don’t know why or how this hot dog is so magical, but it is. Go eat it. ASAP.

6. When the teacher hands back your test and you see that you aced your first college test

No further explanation required.

7. First time getting lost

Yes. Yes, I am. And I will probably get lost again. It happens. But you’ll find your way.

8. Homecoming

Thanks, Emma Stone. You get me.

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