Money, Money, Money: Student Addition

As a college student, our budgets are rather tight. Between paying for textbooks, rent, and food, our dollars are stretched kinda thin. Here are some useful tips to save money and get the most out of each dollar!

Take Advantage of the Perks
There are many perks available to students here at Iowa State. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you can pick up a Caribou Perks card at The Hub the next time you stop by. With every purchase, you rack up “points” to get free upgrades or drinks! And plus, when it’s your birthday, you earn a free drink! Or if you do a lot of shopping at HyVee, sign up for a fuel saver card to get some discounts on gas!

More Bang for Your Buck
Do you frequently purchase meals, snacks, or drinks on campus? Instead of whipping out some cash or your credit card, why not grab your ID? Through AccessPlus, you can purchase Dining Dollars which can be used at the many cafes and dining centers on campus. Plus, the more dollars you buy, the bigger the discount you get!

Put a Little Bit Away
This was a little trick my grandma taught me. Every time you get a five dollar bill back as change or what not, put it away in a jar or container and hide that jar out of sight so you are not tempted to steal from it later. This is just a little way to save some money without being drastic. This really works for me! I put a five dollar bill in every time I get one and sometimes the left over spare change or occasional dollar bill as well. And trust me, it may seem small but the savings add up fast!

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself!
Saving is difficult and the temptation to break loose and use the money is always¬†there. To keep the temptations at bay, treat yourself once a month. Once a month, I give myself 20 dollars to go spend on something “fun”. Maybe it’s a new movie or taking a trip to the Cupcake Emporium for a few cupcakes! Reward yourself for staying strong!

Find the Lowest Prices
Skip the big grocery stores and go to Aldi instead. Aldi is a grocery store that sells mostly non-name brands which allows them to have lower prices. Friendly warning: they don’t have bags for you to put your groceries in (which also helps keep their prices low) so remember to bring your own!

Try Second Hand
Yes, it is nice to get new clothes or other fun things but they might not fit into your budget. Instead, trying getting them second hand! Use apps like Poshmark to find all sorts of brands for substantially less! For big appliances or game consoles, you can find used on Craigslist or through networking with your friends!

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