The Iowa State Anti-Bucket List

So we’ve heard all of the things that we need to do here at Iowa State before we graduate… Go campaniling… get a Clone Cone at Hilton Coliseum… see the famous albino squirrel… so on and so forth…

But there are some things that you definitely DO NOT want to do during your time here. Here I present to you, The Iowa State Anti-Bucket List:

  • Walk across the zodiac sign in the MU. Better safe than sorry!
  • Wear University of Iowa gear.
  • Get hit by a CyRide…. need I say more?
  • Never attend a sporting event. Regardless if you like sports or not, you NEED to go to a game.
  • Never join one of the 800+ clubs.
  • Never attempt to win an intramural shirt. Not all of us can be awesome… 😉
  • Never study abroad/go on exchange/get an internship. “Real world” experiences are important.
  • Never go to Reiman Gardens.
  • Never take a picture of our gorgeous campus in the fall.
  • Never get involved with Dance Marathon.
  • Never attend ISU After Dark.
  • Get a parking ticket.
  • Never go to Hickory Park.
  • Pet Sir Lancelot and Elaine, the swans that are home to Lake Laverne. I hear they are vicious. But hey, I don’t blame them! I wouldn’t want to be interrupted from my nap either!

Shine on,

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