9 things you never thought you could experience at Iowa State

You probably have a lot of expectations when it comes to the college experience. It’s a new time and that’s exciting. You may be looking forward to studying abroad or joining a specific club or whatever it is that you have your sights set on. You may think that your opportunities will be limited here at Iowa State, but here’s nine outside-the-box things you can experience at Iowa State and that truly proves that you can choose your adventure:

1. Skydiving

Yeah, that’s right. Just imagine calling your mom and she asks what you’ve been up to this week. “Oh you know, I had a test Monday, a few papers and a quiz, oh and by the way I went skydiving this afternoon.”

Turns out, Iowa State has a skydiving club. Personally, I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever even consider jumping out of a plane, but if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, here you go.

2. Trips to cool places w/ Outdoor Rec

You’ve chosen the great state of Iowa for your college experience, but you can also have Florida, Colorado, Arizona, and California with Outdoor Recreation trips. For pretty cheap pricing, Iowa State students can travel around the country to go on canoeing trips, skiing trips, paddle boarding trips, and mountain biking trips. Pretty much anything, anywhere.

3. Travel the country 

If you want to travel around the country, but outdoor recreation isn’t your thing, then there are other ways to accomplish this. Maybe join a club that interests you that takes trips regularly. Or maybe join a club that competes in something around the country, like a debate team or the Rubik’s cube team. Or maybe join an ISU team as a manager or student assistant and travel with the team.

4. Be an athlete

Maybe you want to continue your athletic career, but aren’t quite cut out for division one sports. Join a club team! Iowa State has club teams in pretty much any sport you can think of, whether you are interested in competing competitively or just for fun. Or just play intramurals if you are looking for a lesser time commitment.

5. Solve a Rubik’s Cube with your feet

As I previously mentioned, Iowa State has a Rubik’s Cube club. Yeah. Can’t solve a Rubik’s Cube? Me neither. But they can teach you. Not only that, but they compete in Rubik’s Cube competitions to! They can solve a Rubik’s Cube in all sorts of ways, like one handed, or underwater, or with their feet. It’s crazy stuff, so if you want to learn a few tricks to show off at your next family gathering, here you go.

6. Skiing/Snowboarding

But isn’t Iowa super flat? How can you go skiing and snowboarding?  Well actually there is a decent number of spots in Iowa where you can go skiing and snowboarding. There is also a club that holds events and goes skiing/snowboarding together and even has a competitive team as well. Or, you can go on a trip with Outdoor Rec.

7. Waterski

Again, Iowa State has a club for this! There is pretty much a club for everything, it seems. But, if your interested in water skiing at college, you can do that here too (although probably not in the winter). ISU offers a casual club and a competitive team in this as well!

8. Rodeo

When you think of rodeo, you probably think of Texas or Wyoming, but you can get your rodeo on right here in Iowa. You guessed it: there is a rodeo club! Also, there is a rodeo in town every year, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go rodeoing!

9. Learn how to dance

Hip-Hop dancing? Competitive dancing? Celtic dancing? Swinging? Classic ballroom dancing? Tap dancing? If you interested in learning pretty much any style of dancing, Iowa State has you covered.

Choose your adventure!

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  1. Renee Frerichs says:

    I found this blog, thanks to my cousin (we are both ISU alums). I just finished reading the post regarding 100 things to do, and omg, this is making me homesick! I was there in the early-mid nineties, and I’m surprised by how many things are still the same! But I didn’t know they had skydiving- if they had it back when I was there, and I found about it, I would have signed up!!! Thanks for the great trip down Memory Lane!

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