How to Be Productive Over Break

We were all ready for break and are now preparing to stuff ourselves full of turkey and just lay on the couch. Keep in mind, though, that we do have 3 weeks of school left when we get back. Therefore, I have devised a small plan of how you can be productive over break so panic mood cannot creep in.

    1. Make a list of assignments/tests for when you return
      This way you won’t forget about them and you know just how much time you need to put aside over break to tackle them.
    2. When working on your list do one task at a time
      You can either do all the easy stuff first to gain momentum for the harder stuff, or knock out the harder stuff first to breeze through the easy stuff. Plus, when you finish something you can cross it off your list.
    3. Work ahead
      Have an assignment but it isn’t due until some time after break? Get it done now so you don’t have to worry about it later! By doing so, you will have a lot easier time transitioning back into the school mode. ¬†Also, don’t be afraid to reread your notes to jog your memory of what you learned the first few weeks of school either.
    4. Prepare for finals
      It’s never to early to start studying for finals. Look at your finals schedule and make a strategy of how you can use your time the best. Remember: work smarter, not harder.



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