Questions you will get asked during Thanksgiving break

I can guarantee it. If you don’t get asked these questions, consider yourself very very very lucky.

So get this⇓

After cooking away in the kitchen for hours:

You are finally at the dinner table for Thanksgiving with your family:


SOMEONE (could be your aunt, your grandpa, uncle, cousin-) asks the dreaded first question:

How are you?

This is the question that sets off all the other questions.  and you’re like, oh no, not again

Let the questions commence. 

How’s school?

Here we go

You don’t even know, grandma!!

When year are you in?

…but this is not the first time I’ve come home for Thanksgiving break…

What’s your major again?


What are you going to do with that?

What do you think I’m going to do with it?!?

Have you met anybody yet?

Do you mean if I’ve met Chris Pratt? Nope. I haven’t met Taylor Swift either, she doesn’t go to my school.

but then they are like:

and you’re like

And then your family members try to scare you even more by asking:

What are you going to do after college?

and it’s like,

and of course mom pestering you with:

Have you done your homework?

no, ma! i’ve been sleeping. 

Family time during school breaks are the best right?

Have a fabulous break!

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