How to Save by Sharing

We all know that the pocketbooks of college students is rather, well… empty. We have to be frugal and thrifty and here are a few ways you can achieve that by sharing with your roomie!

  • Get a Sams Club Membership
    • Fact: buying in bulk saves money in the long run. But of course this involves two major things: Paying for the membership and buying and consuming in bulk. So, split the cost with your roomie (or roomies) and take group trips to pick up the food. Take turns paying or figure out a payment system that works for you. Sure it takes quite a bit of planning but it is so worth it in the long run!
  • Share a Netflix Account
    • I mean, you can’t live without it, right? With the option to have multiple “accounts” on your account, you don’t have to technically watch the same things! Sure, it only costs like eight dollars a month but still, every little dollar counts!
  • Carpool
    • If you and your roomie(s) have to drive to campus everyday, why not carpool and save money on gas and maintenance. Coordinate times and compromise to make everything work out! If you park in the commuter lot and take the bus to campus, you save more money than if you were to park in some of the lots on campus or at a parking meter!
  • Textbooks
    • This works great if you live in a learning community or just in general if you share the same major with your roommate! Work out a system on sharing them or better yet, study together! Makes studying more fun and cheaper!
  • Appliances
    • Face it, you both don’t need your own microwave, toaster, or fridge. Sharing major or basic appliances saves tons of money. This also takes coordination so you both don’t buy the same thing or have one person spend a significant amount more than the other.

Until next time!

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