How to get the Best Deals when Buying Textbooks

Have you bought your textbooks for the next semester of classes? I think I might have heard a few groans after that sentence. No one likes buying textbooks, or at least they don’t like the handing over large sums of cash for these textbooks. Well I’m here to lessen that hate of buying textbooks. Here are some ways to save money and get the best deals when buying textbooks.

Face it, you will never crack open that book from your sociology course ever again. So why let it collect dust or serve as a solution to a wobbly coffee table. Sell it! That way you have more money to put towards buying your textbooks. You can use websites like Book Scouter to find which website will pay more for your textbooks. But what about those university specific textbooks? Sell them back to the bookstore or a friend who is going to be taking that course next! Sure, you will rarely get the full amount back. But hey, at least you are getting more money than you had before!

Buy used
Yes, new textbooks are all shiny, crisp, and fresh but you really don’t need that brand new book for $100 when you can get it used at $50. Sure, it’s going to have some crinkled pages with some writing maybe and dents and bent corners on the cover, but it’s still going to get the job done!

Buy earlier editions
Sometimes the only difference between editions is a chapter or even a sub chapter. They are still going to cover the same material but you get one for a fraction of the price. For anything that might be missing, buddy up with somebody in the class and borrow their textbook or have a group study session!

Talk to friends/other students
Just skip the middle man and go straight to the source! You can save more than if you were to buy from the bookstore. Plus, it benefits both you and the person you are buying from. The person gets more for their book and you get to save. Win, win!

Since you plan to never open that textbook again, save money and just rent it from the book store or borrow it from a friend. It’s cheaper and plus you don’t have to worry about what to do with the textbook after the course is over. You can just return it back to the bookstore!

Buy from other retailers
Nothing a quick search can’t handle. There are plenty of retailers out there that can offer you better priced textbooks. Amazon is always a great option since it offers books in many conditions, but like I said, a quick search will bring up plenty of options.

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