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What May be the Craziest Weekend of Your Life: Kaleidoquiz 2016

The 26-hour live radio contest hosted by Iowa State’s own KURE FM will take place March 4th at 4PM until March 5th at 6PM, and you won’t want to miss it!  For Kaleidoquiz 2016, teams of all sizes, usually with 20-50 members, will face off in a competition unlike any other.  There isn’t one person who KQ is particularly geared toward; you’ll need a wide variety of people with different talents, skills and interests to be successful in KQ.  Particularly, it will be good to have people who know movies, music, can find obscure information on the Internet, can find obscure things in real life, are good at cooking and crafts, people who can make funny videos, and most importantly, people who are high-energy, highly motivated, and are ready to have a good time!  KQ has a long history of getting people to try weird things and have fun doing it.

KQ will involve trivia questions every six minutes, music and movie montages, obscure scavenger hunts, challenges, and many unexpected twists.  You can register a full team for $45 until February 28th.  If you live in a residence hall, talk to your CA about using house funds to pay for your registration and supplies!

Click here for the Facebook page

Click here to sign up, find event history, and a list of tips for your KQ team

Check out one of my favorite videos from a previous year’s competition:


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