4 Spring To Do’s On Campus

Spring time has finally arrived at ISU! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the temperatures are warmer, and that means plenty of things to do now that you don’t have to hide indoors!

1. Study break on central campus


How could you pass up a nice little study break on central campus? With the gorgeous weather and soft grass it will be hard not to want to take a little nap instead. Bonus points if you have a hammock!

2. Campanile picture


Go ahead and be a little basic with a typical campanile picture. Sure, you can take one of these at any time of the year but the pictures are oh so much better in the spring.

3. Lunch by the Fountain of the Four Seasons


Why not get away from the busy MU food court and take your lunch outside to the patio or even better the fountain. With the sound of the water and the gorgeous view of the fountain and campanile, you can’t go wrong!

4. Visit Reiman Gardens


This isn’t technically on campus but it’s only a short CyRide or walk away!(Orange 23 South) Walk around and enjoy the flora and fauna that Reiman Gardens has to offer! Visit the the butterfly house or take a stroll around. Plus, it’s free to students! (Not to mention, an awesome study spot)

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