Five Iowa State Instagrams to follow

Recently, Cyclone Life had a post about Iowa State social media channels for you to follow! That got me thinking. We have a pretty awesome campus. And we have a lot of really talented people who are good at talking pictures of our awesome campus. And they post those on Instagram. So, here is a list of really, really awesome Instagram feeds that heavily feature Iowa State!

1. Iowa State Admissions! Obviously this was going to be my number one choice! I mean, come on! They share all of the best pictures of Iowa State’s campus and things that are going on at Iowa State. Check it out.


2. Iowa State U

This is another official Iowa State Instagram. It is powered by Christopher Gannon, the university’s photographer. He is awesome. Seriously. The photos on this account are crazy good.


3. Cyclone Men’s basketball

A behind the scenes look at Iowa State’s basketball team, if you’re into that type of thing.


4. Iowa State football

Yep. Shoulda seen that one coming after No. 3! You know what? The Cyclone Athletics account might just be the way to go.


5. Iowa State Daily

From the Iowa State Daily’s photo desk, this stream has cool photos from student photographers at the student-run newspaper.


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