Fun Fact Friday: Iowa State gets cheesy

Iowa State is known for a lot of things. Engineering, agriculture, inventing the computer, Fred Hoiberg, and just being awesome in general. But here’s a new one for you.

Do you like blue cheese? Because Iowa State is responsible for creating and patenting the process for making blue cheese. Weird, huh?

blue cheese

(photo credit: Iowa State FPM)

You learn something knew everyday! I learned this when walking by the Food Science Building on my way to class the other day. I knew about a lot of accomplishments Iowa State professors and researches have contributed to, but blue cheese?

Two Iowa State microbiologists discovered and patented Maytag Blue Cheese. Other types of blue cheese had been developed in Europe for hundreds of years, but attempts to replicate the cheese in the United States had failed. Until Iowa State stepped in.

I don’t understand all the science behind it, but I do know that I love a black and blue burger. So thank you Iowa State! Once again, you rock.

If blue cheese is not your thing, then sorry. Just think about Iowa State inventing the computer if this was too cheesy for you.

(I’m so sorry, I can’t believe I just typed that horrible, horrible cheesy pun)

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