Making Cents of College: Financial Aid Resources

College is all fun and games until you have to pay for it.

Lucky for you, Iowa State students have great resources available to them to navigate the tricky world of paying for college using financial aid. Next time you have a question about how you are going to pay for college, see if one of the following resources can help you out.

  • The Office of Student Financial Aid. | Did you know that Beardshear’s dome is green because that’s where all the money goes?! Just kidding. But in all honesty, Beardshear is home to the Office of Student Financial Aid. This office is available by appointment or walk-in for questions about your financial aid during your time as a student. Check out their website here.

  • Scholarship Database. |  But…what if you didn’t have to pay for college?! Check the Scholarship Database here to see what scholarships you may qualify for. Even as an upperclassman, scholarships may be available for you. You never know until you try!

  • Loan Calculators. | Once you land that awesome job (and have the salary letter to prove it), you’ll need to budget your loan repayment. This step can be terrifying, but quite simple with one of these loan calculators. Again, if you are unsure about loan repayment, no one explains it better than the pros in the Student Loan Education Office.

  • The Student Loan Education Office. | “Oh, I have to pay that back?!” If you’re like me, you need face to face interaction to understand things. Especially financial things. The knowledgeable staff in the Student Loan Education Office are available Monday through Friday by appointment to help you navigate your finances. They even go above and beyond financial aid; they can explain credit and budgeting as well. Check out their website here.

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