My Simple Guide to Pull a Successful All-Nighter

Even though I don’t recommend this by any means…sometimes we need to get the most out of our after hours, right?

If you haven’t tried to pull an all-nighter before…you’re not a true college student–or that means you’re very organized and somehow productive during the day.

One thing though, not everyone who has tried to pull an all-nighter is successful. Some failed attempts include:

    • Falling asleep on your book


    • Making the mistake of taking your study materials by your bed


    • Taking your energy drink or coffee too early


    • Netflix


…and among other factors will make you pull that productive all-nighter difficult.

Last week I pulled two very necessary and gratifying ones. Not only because they were successful, but because I wasn’t too pressured. Of course, there have been nights that I pull both an all-nighter and my hair out–but that’s not the point.

Anyway, after so many trial and error I finally don’t struggle to pull an all-nighter anymore.

Out of experience, I can tell you a few things about how to make your night entirely productive and successful, and here they are:

1- Plan ahead

Take a nap beforehand to get some extra energy. Make note of what you want to study specifically, the materials you need for studying…because you don’t want to spend your precious hours looking for those set of flash cards. Procrastinating an all-nighter is one of the worst things you can do.

2- Water

Hydration is very important. Have a water bottle next to you and refill it whenever you’re done.

3- Stretch and take breaks

Believe or not, some exercise helps. Sitting on the same chair for hours will do nothing great to your body. Move around and maybe look at something else other than what you’re studying. Let your brain rest so it actually takes in the information you want it to take.

4- Keep your lights on

…or study in a bright room! Did you know that your body reacts to lighting? Why do you think people are so cranky during the winter? And finally when the sun comes out people are in a better mood.

5- Snacks

Smart snacks are the best snacks. Try to get fruits, nuts, cereal bars, and by all means, avoid carbohydrates. These will put you on a work mode.

6- Don’t take your whole caffeinated drink too quickly

Many people make the mistake to drink the whole can of energy drink when they don’t immediately feel awake. Problem with this practice is that you will start feeling the caffeine. But with the extra takes your body will feel overwhelmed, and after the caffeine leaves your body, that will feel sudden,

7- Ambience is key

It could be music, someone you’re studying with, people around you, and the place in general. Try to find what fits and what makes it a good place to study. What makes you feel like studying?

8- Stay away from comfortable seats

Your bed, your couch, your futon…anything that screams cozy. Your body will eventually get too comfortable and you’ll lose your study vibe. So my advice is to study in your desk, the library or your hall’s den!

9- Distance yourself from social media

There is nothing more distracting like your friends posting about their most important and entertaining life endeavors when you’re studying! I rather not find out until hours later and just shut myself off from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. That way you don’t get caught up on trying to find out more and wasting even more time.

You can also see what works for you specifically while you try, fail, succeed, etc.

Yes, it is not advisable for your body to partake on all-nighters, but sometimes we really, really need the extra hours. In the end, they all pay off (if you take advantage of them the right way), and you’ll have plenty of time to rest some other time.

Ultimately, if that doesn’t work for you, really structure your day to make the most out of it. Time management might be something you would really need to apply. As for me, I just need more time in the day to do everything.

Good luck on your future all-nighters!

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