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Well hello there, kind stranger! You’ve probably been wondering where Malinda has been (I wouldn’t be offended if you could care less), BUT


It’s been quite a while since I’ve last blogged (more like a semester) and to be honest, I’VE MISSED IT SO MUCH! For those who are curious (I know all of you are) I’ve actually been back in Illinois (my home state) for my last semester of college to student teach!  Most majors require an internship to graduate and for education majors- student teaching is your internship. Throughout my student teaching experience, I completed 8 weeks at a high school and 8 weeks at a middle school!

With Family and Consumer Sciences as my major, I taught classes like Food Preparation, Clothing and Design, and Child Development at the high school. Since I am a foodie, Food Preparation was my favorite class to teach. We made scones, learned about the components of a balanced meal, made steak and shrimp fajitas, collaborated with the school’s lunch program to test out new lunch items, and there was even a lesson I titled, “Dip-Dip-HOORAY!” where we made buffalo chicken cheese dips just in time for the Super Bowl! At the middle school, I taught grades 6th-8th about food, sewing, and leadership. The best part about working at the middle school would have to be the ENERGY that middle schoolers have. Classes were always a blast!

It’s been amazing to think about my first week of student teaching and my last. I won’t say that it was easy because it WAS NOT EASY. It was probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. However, the amount I learned throughout the experience is something I will never forget. Student teaching is the only opportunity for you to get a feel of what it is like to have your own classroom and you won’t get that experience anywhere else. Eventually you will grow and improve every week and as time goes on, things become more natural. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself when student teaching, from your teaching style, to your confidence level, as well as how much patience you have for students. Which hint hint*- as a teacher you must have all the patience in the world for your students 😉  From planning lessons, to parent teacher conferences, field trips and attending meetings, you name it, I’ve done it!

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We took a field trip to Vogue Fabrics. For you Project Runway fans- it’s like a mini Mood Fabrics. 🙂


We made life-size nutrient bodies where the students learned about how different nutrients affect different parts of the body and what food sources we can find these nutrients in.


To finish the knife skills unit, we made chipotle chicken fajita bowls! One group gave me a their sample in smiley face form. 🙂


I had 6th graders make Super(fruit) Heroes! The super powers were the nutrients and benefits the fruit contains, and nemesis was the diseases that the fruit helps to “fight” like cancer. GET IT?! Heroes. Super(fruit) heroes. #OOHKILLEM’

 The best part of it all would have to be working with the students. It’s amazing because as a teacher, you walk into the classroom planning to teach your students but you don’t really plan for them to teach you. Once you start teaching, you get into this routine but what makes teaching fun is that every day is different! I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing students and staff members through it all. And what made things even better was that I was able to student teach in the area that I want to work in which was back at home 🙂

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