Philanthropies: Giving a Bit to Give Back a Lot

Before I came to college, I didn’t realize how many positive causes there were in the world.

The causes we see on campus every week really do their best to make a difference in the community. I wanted to shed some light on what some of the philanthropies this year did to raise money for their causes.

  1. CyServe Council

CyServe acts as the connection between volunteer organizations in Story County, student organizations at Iowa State University, and students in the surrounding area. What makes this more accessible for all is that they hold two annual volunteering days, one per semester, so there isn’t a semester-long commitment.

  1. These Hands Don’t Hurt

On a national scale, fraternities and sororities work really hard to create events to promote awareness for their philanthropies causes. These Hands Don’t Hurt is the national philanthropy of Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity and it is a cause that I have stood up for. It aims to end sexual assault and domestic abuse on a national scale. This year at Iowa State, we sold Chick-fil-a sandwiches (YUM!) and refreshments with all the proceeds going to the ACCESS Assault Care Center.

  1. Dance Marathon

Here is a quick video to explain Dance Marathon a little more:

  1. Colleges Against Cancer

College Against Cancer encourages students to increase cancer awareness through the promotion of cancer awareness activities. 

  1. Hopeful Africa @ ISU

When you look at the Hopeful Africa webpage, you will see their mission statement. It is such a good message that it speaks for itself: “Our mission is to foster sustainable prosperity in Africa through educational development and equal partnership. To achieve this mission we focus our efforts in four key areas: educational development, equal partnership, youth engagement, and increasing awareness.

  1. Polar Bear Plunge

In its more basic format, the entire Greek Community creates pages for friends and family and other businesses to donate money toward FirstGiving who officiate the philanthropic endeavor. This year, Polar Bear Plunge was a major success as the Iowa State Greek Community raised $284,002.14!

Honestly, no matter how someone makes a difference, it means a lot that a difference was made. If you take the time to put others before yourself, you hare making a impact in that person’s life. To quote Big Sean, “one man (or woman) can change the world.” Will you be that person who does?


If you like to look up more service and philanthropic opportunities, click this link to look at more potential clubs and events that occur throughout the year within and beyond the Ames community.

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