The Truth About Random Roommates

I remember when I first got my random roommate assignment. I was nervous! I didn’t know if we would get along, would we be best friends, would we hate each other? The truth is there is no telling until time goes on. But, I personally think this is a great option. It allows you to meet tons of new people! There are some challenges that come with it as well. There are quite a few ups and downs and I’m here to help you navigate them!

Be prepared for anything
You never know who you will be paired up with. There are so many possibilities when it comes to the type of person they are and their personality. They could be in a different major than you, a night owl, early bird, social butterfly, you never truly know! If you choose to live in a learning community, the variability goes down since you share the same major but there is still plenty of variation.

You don’t have to be best friends
I honestly don’t know why people come into this mentality that you and your roomie will share everything and talk all the time. Yes there will be little bits of that, but don’t feel pressured to be besties! Like I said above, you have no idea what type of person you will be paired up with or what their personality is like. But on the other hand, it is totally ok if you are best friends! How much more fun could it be if you were getting to room with your bestie?!

You will need to communicate
Communication will need to start well before you move into your new Cyclone home. You will need to arrange who will be bringing what to have in your dorm. Because the truth is you both don’t need a microwave or a large TV. Also, when you finally move in together, you will need to set down ground rules for your living space, such as no friends over after 10 pm, to make it the best for both of you.

It’s not always going to be butterflies and rainbows
After the “honeymoon phase” of rooming together, you are bound to run into a conflict. You will have lots of fun times but there will be moments of conflict. Be rational and work them out together, don’t just let them stew. There will be butterflies and rainbows but just be ready for a few thunderstorms, too.

You will make more friends than if you roomed with your best friend
A lot of people come in and want to room with a friend. This is great and all but it kinda puts a damper on the whole meeting new people thing. When you have a random roommate, you won’t have that tendency to just hang out with them compared to rooming with your friend. You will go out and meet new people and make new friends! Plus, your random roommate will also have friends that they might bring around that you will get to meet, too! Also, you don’t have to abandon your friend! Arrange for both of you to live on the same floor! On the other hand, it could be a good thing to room with your friend. They might give you a boost of confidence to go out and meet people.

Everyone’s situation is different
You and your random roommate’s relationship might not be the same as your neighbors. Understand that the fact that your neighbors are perfect roommates and are great together doesn’t mean that you and your roommate need to the same. Don’t compare yourselves to any other situation because every person and every situation is unique.

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