What to do Before Move-In Day

Well future Cyclones, in a short while you will be joining all of your fellow Cyclones on campus! Here is a list of some things you need to (or at least should) do before move-in day!

Know your housing assignment
Once you are given your assignment, you can view the details on AccessPlus under the ‘student tab’. Simply click ‘campus housing’ and then ‘my assignment’. You can then click on ‘more details’ to see your hall, floor, room number and style, and also who your roommate is! You can then click ‘more roommate info’ to find their contact information.

Know your move-in date
Once you know your room assignment, you can figure out which day you move in. The dates are based on whether you are a new or returning student, living in a residence hall or campus apartment, and whether the last digit of your room number is even or odd. You can check for your exact date and times here!

Talk with your future roomie
Of course you will have plenty of time over the course of the year to get to know each other but there are still a few things you need to figure out. Are you going to share a mini fridge or are you each going to have your own? Who is bringing the TV? Do you want a futon? And so many more things. Also, you need to coordinate times on move in day. You both don’t want to be squished in the same tiny dorm room with all your boxes and family members trying to arrange everything! Have one of you move in in the morning and the other in the afternoon to keep everything organized and less clustered!

Get your Parking Permit
In July, you will be able to go on AccessPlus and apply for a parking pass. *Warning* Lots by residence halls fill up fast, and I mean fast! Applications open up early in the morning and are a first come first serve basis. Those who can’t get into the lot will be issued a pass to the park out by the stadium. The cost for your pass will be add to your Ubill. To find out more information about when and what time you can purchase parking permits, check out the student permits page and then click on the link to your respected residence hall.

Keep your eyes out for mail
Sometime late July or early August, you will receive a packet in the mail with details about move-in and a parking pass. KEEP TRACK OF THAT PARKING PASS! It will be used on move-in day! But also, don’t panic if you lose it or need an extra, there will be people with extras there on move-in day as well!

Get your textbooks
Make sure to order your textbooks and class materials for the coming semester. You can do early bird orders with the bookstore and then your textbooks will be available for pick up before classes start! Or you can order your books online through Amazon or other suppliers!

Sign up for Destination Iowa State
Honestly the best way to meet people and learn more about getting around campus. Plus, IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!! You are paired off into teams with people you most likely will live with and spend three awesome days participating in fun activities. There’s the Center of ExCYtment, Breakfast on Central Campus, Late Night at the Memorial Union, a hypnotist, and so much more! You can sign up here and view what is all scheduled for DIS here!

Take AlcoholEdu + Haven
If you are a freshman coming to Iowa State straight from high school, you are required to take AlcoholEdu + Haven. It consists of three parts with the last part being done about a month after the fall semester starts. To get to it, log in to AccessPlus and on the ‘student tab’ and then on the left click ‘Student Health Ctr’ and then ‘AlcoholEdu + Haven’.

Know what to pack
If you are anything like me, I was completely clueless on what to pack. Would I need this or that? Would this get in the way? It is honestly a little hard to tell and everyone is different. Check out this What to Bring page to get started and do some more research on your own too! Also realize, it is ok to overpack. If you feel you won’t need something once you get all moved in, you can always send it back with mom and dad.

Pack it up
This may seem like a no brainer but you have no idea how many people leave it till the night before or the day of move in to decide what they are taking and what they are leaving at home. Make a list of things you will be taking with or start packing things up ahead of time. Make sure to pack everything in easy to move and stack containers. It will help when packing up the car and moving everything into your new Cyclone Home!

Know how to get to Ames and Campus
I talked to one poor individual at DIS last year who got lost trying to get here. They figured they could follow signs and use their GPS to get here and that all failed when they ended up around two hours away from Ames. Take the time to map it and research exactly where you need to go. It may seem easy, but on move-in day, you are going to be excited and emotions will be high and it will be easy to get confused. Along with that, know how to get to campus, specifically your residence hall. With the crazy amount of people all trying to move in, trying to navigate around campus is going to be difficult. If you know where you are going, it will take a load off your shoulders. There will also be people helping to direct traffic so in the case you do get confused, someone will be able to help!

Check out my post How to Make Move-In Day Flawless for more tips about move-in day!

Hope you have an amazing summer and will see you soon fellow Cyclones!

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