Bet You Didn’t Think To Pack This

{ Tool Set }

This may sound silly and like it would just take up space, but I can’t tell you how many times we used our tool set and for the most random things. You never think that you will need a hammer or a screwdriver or a tape measure, and then there will be the day when you don’t have it and need it. You don’t need to bring anything fancy. We had a pink set for our dorm!

{ Command Strips }

Do you want to hang anything up? Buy command strips. Nails are prohibited in the dorm rooms, unless you want to pay the fee for damage. Your choice. I would suggest getting a range of command strips. We used them to hang up our calendars, our long mirror, and things like hair dryers. They come in handy and are easy to dispose of after you move out.

command strips

{ Stapler, Scissors, Tape }

When you live at home, you have these things on hand. So if you forget to bring it, it will be like something is missing from your life (literally). I know it’s a tedious thing, but you will be thankful that you have it when you have to type a five page homework assignment and the professor doesn’t bring a stapler (and you have to turn down the corners and hope that you remembered to number your pages and put your name on ALL of them). Plus, you may want to do arts and crafts and these come in handy for that!


{ Minifridge – with a freezer }

Having a freezer in your dorm is convenient, no matter how small. There will be times you get a meal bundle with ice cream and you will want to save it for later. It is also nice when you want to get frozen meals (chicken strips, pizza, etc.) to eat for later. In my opinion, I would get the mini fridge with the separate freezer, not the tiny one that’s inside the fridge part. You get more space and it does a better job of actually freezing things.


{ Extension cords }

Extension cords with built-in circuit breakers should be used in rooms. Think of it this way, you’ll (most likely) be sleeping in a lofted bed. If you want a reading light or your phone to be up there, you will need an extension cord in order for these to reach. They also help out for when you want to rearrange and only have 2 plugs-in in the whole room.


{ Fan }

You may have AC and you may not. If you do NOT have AC, bring a fan to get some air movement in your room during the warmer days on campus. If you do have AC, bring a fan in case 1.) the AC goes out or 2.) you still want to get some air movement in your room. I live in an apartment this year, and I still keep a fan on for when we keep the windows open. You can bring a stand-up one or a personal one.


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