Move In Day!

  1. Find a parking spot.
    You should have a parking pass prior to move in day. You will need this in order to park and unload your stuff. You should keep this handy, but if you do lose it, there will be extras available. These passes are only needed if you are moving in on the designated dates.
    There will be people to greet you at the entrance of the residence hall parking lot you are going to. You will have 30 minutes to get your keys and unload the car, then you have to move your car to long term parking.
  2. Check in, get your keys.
    Before you begin to unload everything, you will need to check in and obtain your keys to your room and bathroom. You will go to your CA’s room and your CA will explain what keys are which (bathroom and room). If you arrive late or your CA isn’t available, go to the hall desk.
  3. Unload the car!
    Move everything in. Don’t worry about unpacking everything in your room quite yet,┬ájust get everything into the room. There will also be a move-in crew that will be more than willing to help you carry things in! (I took full advantage of this, and they were super friendly and some of them were even my neighbors!) Make sure to move your car after everything is unloaded.freakout
  4. Inspect your room.
    Along with your keys, you will get a Room Inventory and Condition Card (RICC) so that you can evaluate your room. It is important that you fill this card out THOROUGHLY because your room will be reinspected at the end of the year and you don’t want to get charged for any damage that was already there. If there is something in your room that is broken or needs to be fixed, write it on your RICC and submit a service request. Your CA or someone at the hall desk can help you with this.
  5. Settle in.
    Once you have everything moved in and moved your car, you can begin to make your residence hall feel like home! Get everything out of the boxes and into place. This will help you recognize anything you may have forgotten. If this is the case (as it was with me), just head over to Target or Walmart and grab those items. It’s a good idea to get some snacks for your room while you’re there too.
  6. Begin your adventure at Iowa State.
    Congratulations! You are officially moved in to your college residence hall and ready to begin this next chapter in your life. After moving in, you will start Destination Iowa State and then before you know it, classes will be in session. Good luck, Cyclones, and welcome!

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