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Post-Worthy Locations on Campus

Who am I kidding? Is not anywhere, everywhere on our gorgeous campus post-worthy? I tweeted it during my very first week of classes at Iowa State and Buzzfeed agrees: Iowa State is beautiful!

Maybe this blog should really be about the off-limits (if there are any) areas on campus when it comes to sharing your collegiate journey. Well, it’s too late now: the photos have been captured. I commissioned my sister and friend to walk about campus with me to help highlight a selection of especially post-worthy locations. While some are rather obvious, I’m hoping some are new finds and will help you round out your social media profile(s). Whenever you share your Cyclone adventure, be sure to tag Iowa State Admissions (@iowastateadmissions on Instagram, @BeACyclone on Twitter) as you just might get that coveted repost/retweet.

The Real Life Postcard Iowa State University Shot
I’m surprised taking your picture here isn’t part of orientation or an official tradition yet. Truly, are you an Iowa State student if you haven’t taken a picture here yet?

The Classic Campanile Turned Touristy Shot
Iowa State’s iconic campanile is a classic addition to your repertoire. Spice things up with an equally classic tourist post.

The “I’m running for President” Beardshear Building Shot
Announce your political campaign, set yourself apart from other job applicants, proclaim, “oh! I was just enjoying this lovely day and didn’t expect you to stop by and snap the perfect cover photo; but, alright, yes I’ll pose for you,” or capture a final “first day of school” picture in front of this monumental building.

The Lancelot and/or Elaine Lake LaVerne Shot
Mad props if you can get the pristine heart-formed-by-two-kissing-swans picture. Alternatively, assemble your residence hall house and recreate Georges Seurat’s famous “Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte.” Or, quite simply, look at the lake and then look back and rejoice “is this school or is this paradise?”

The “Two Roads Diverged” Shot
… and I chose both: Marketing and Product Development (Ethan, my great friend and former roommate, who is double majoring) or Psychology with a Sociology Minor (Kylie, my sister). Head over near College Creek to this fork in the trail and share with the major(s)/minor(s) you choose at Iowa State.

The “Completing my National Register of Historic Places Scavenger Hunt” Shot
Continue or kick-off the National Register of Historic Places Scavenger Hunt with a photo in front of the oldest steel water tank west of the Mississippi River, located right here on Iowa State’s campus. Just as you can do with the Campanile, you can get funky with this shot by “pinching the tank” or otherwise messing with the perspective of this 168-foot tall, over-100-years-old tower.

The Enchanted Hideaway Shot
Be it Lagomarcino Courtyard or the hidden Food Sciences Plaza, share your unique Iowa State hideaway.

The “Just Sitting Here Enjoying this Glorious Day” Fountain of Four Seasons Shot
Bask in the glorious sunshine among your fellow Iowa State students by posing with the Fountain of Four Seasons, just outside of the Memorial Union.

The “Home on Campus” Shot
You have two options for this one: The Sloss House and the Farm House Museum. Recreate that elementary-high school heading-out-to-school shot right here on campus or snap a classic “senior photo” in this tree fort.

The “I’m here to Learn” Academic Building Shot
Reassure your followers (and your family) that you’re here to learn with the studious, confident pose in front of your academic building (Catt Hall, Liberal Arts and Sciences, for my sister).

Then there’s so many more: by barn stables, the where-you-commence-and-conclude-your-Iowa-State-Adventure at Enrollment Services (which processes admission and graduation documents), under the weathered Armory dome, the “not stepping on the zodiac” pose (juxtaposed with the soon-to-be-graduate’s “now stepping on the zodiac” pose), anywhere, everywhere. Take advantage of the changing of the seasons and sporadic Iowa weather to vary your shots around the continually beautiful Iowa State campus!

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