The Perks of Waking Up Early

Growing up on a dairy farm, I had plenty of early mornings. Chores before school, chores on the weekends, getting cattle ready for shows and anything else that could possibly happen, the list is endless. The habit has stuck now that I’m in college and, this might blow some of your minds, I get up at 6 AM everyday, including weekends. Do I need to get up that early everyday? Nope! But I truly enjoy my early mornings and here are some of the things I do with my mornings!

Go for a run

Ames is super quiet early in the morning and squeezing in a nice run with out having to worry about traffic or dodging people is absolutely wonderful and relaxing. Plus, then I feel like I have accomplished one major thing for the day!

Get some homework done

I am super productive in the mornings. I don’t know if it’s the mentality that if I get it done now I won’t have to do it later or the fact that my brain just functions better, but mornings are when I get most of my homework done. Mornings a are a great time to crank out an assignment that is due later that week or an assignment that you left to the last minute.

Eat a decent breakfast

Getting to ditch the grab and go breakfasts is a nice benefit to early mornings. Getting to make yourself a nice warm plate of scrambled eggs and toast or heading down to the dining center to grab a hot plate of something good just sets you up for a great day.

Do a bit of cleaning

My afternoons and evenings are always filled with classes, club meetings and events, and the many other random things that pop up and fill my time. This usually means I just toss things to the side as I move between my many activities. Laundry gets tossed in a pile, dishes pile up in the sink, books and papers get scattered everywhere, taking that bit of extra time in the mornings to tidy things up will keep your living arrangements bearable and give you something to accomplish before your day has even started.

Do something you enjoy

Your early morning doesn’t have to be productive. Take the extra time to do something you enjoy doing. Whether it be reading a book, scrolling through social media, watching a movie, or playing a video game, getting to start your day with something you like to do will start your day off on the right foot!

I know you just LOVE to sleep in and that your bed is so warm and comfortable, but I’m asking you to once, just once, to set your alarm for *gasp* 6 AM and see what early mornings can offer!

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