Okay I’ll admit: I’m not the most up-to-date person in the world. I am still trying to figure out how my iCloud works.

But something I am pretty good at is making friends. It’s nice to have them, but I often wonder if I am able to achieve the right level of squad goals with my college crew. So one day, I Googled “college squad goals” and man, do they have me beat. So keep a tally and see if you’ve been achieving #CollegeSquadGoals before you were a freshman.


  1. Getting your Snap streak up

The most basic one I can see me doing is getting my Snapchat streak with some of my friends.


Right now, my friend Dylan and I are on 22 days. For me that’s impressive, but when I see scores like this, I’m both intimidated and ready for this challenge.


[It reads 332 days! And apparently, that record has been beaten too!]

  1. Tonight, We Feast

Who doesn’t love food? Well inviting your friends to eat with you is always an important step to take to achieve the right level of squad goals. Again, it’s a simple one, but one that can’t be missed.


  1. Halloween is right around the corner

Yeah, so this year Halloween is on a Monday. But who said that it should stop you from the squad costumes?! I mean if there are couples’ costumes, why not create a squad wide costume though! Teamwork makes the dream work.

images2 images-14

[Can you name the shows?]

  1. “Look, We’re Matching!”

We’ve all had those moments where we unintentionally match our clothes with our friends or even random people. Well with the right people, it could be the most awesome college thing.


[I don’t know if I would get the pizza tat!]

  1. The Best Workout Crew Ever

I loved playing football in high school and I loved the camaraderie I felt as a jock. (Let’s go, Eagles!) But it doesn’t stop because we all find different schools. I have new friends and working out with them is still the best. I feel weird if I go to the gym alone. I would rather have my mini entourage getting yolked with me!


[Plus it’s nice to have a spotter on that last bench rep!]

  1. The Ultimate End Goal

Okay normally 5 goals would be enough, but we can’t forget that we are all students here at Iowa State. We want to have a successful career when we leave college. But just because we leave college doesn’t mean that we are leaving our memories, our emotions or our friends behind. In fact, they should be walking along side.


[Let’s all get this squad goal!]

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