ISU Dance Marathon’s Week of Miracles

It was a great week. We had one of the biggest weeks for Iowa State Dance Marathon last week – Miracle Week!

We celebrated the joys of making Miracles for the families at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital with ISUDM. We focused on raising awareness on campus with activities going every single day of the week. Some of the highlights include:


We did a mini-flash mob by the library that I hope everyone enjoyed. This day was primarily about getting the word out and how students could help make Miracles happen. Take a peek on how our moves impressed the public by the library.


We had letter writing for the kids. A very special, more personal activity to anyone who stopped by our booths. We wanted to show everyone the whys of our inspiration, so they could feel inspired to talk to a Miracle Kid too. If you’d like to know, here is a list on some of the inspiration behind ISUDM. Typically, we celebrate Teal Tuesday, so if you got to see anyone wearing our colors around campus – yes, that was us! And pretty much every single Tuesday, take a look around, don’t be afraid to approach us!


This day marked 100 until our Dance Marathon Weekend event. We celebrated with balloons and Miracle Kids’ stories around campus, and challenged everyone involve in DM to raise $100. Rain or shine, it was a beautiful day to make miracles happen. 100 days until my last Dance Marathon as an Iowa State student. Tears were shared that day.


Additionally, my friends told me about a stop motion application, so I decided to give it a try for this day and share it to ISUDM.


It was all about #ThrowbackThursday and sharing the things we would do if we were a kid again. We wanted to get the message across that ISUDM celebrates childhood and fights to let kids be kids again – for me, if I were a kid, I would actually take naps and learn how to nap, because now I can’t drift to sleep whenever I actually need to during the day, oh college. To end the night, we had a Dancer Information Session in which we spoke about ISUDM, its history, the impact and how any and all participants can help.



Another flash mob. We danced to the music of the Campanile and our Morale Dance. Unfortunately, I have no videos or pictures of it, but I hope we made a good impression on people walking by Central Campus.

Working with the public relations aspect of this organization has changed my perspective on storytelling. It has taught me that there are different ways to tell a story depending on who reads it or hears about it. However, Dance Marathon has a consistent message that I think everyone needs to hear. Miracle Week was just one of the many opportunities we come up with to showcase our voice and mission to students on campus. Give Dance Marathon a try (shameless plug, visit our website to find out more), and find out how this organization and the people you meet in it will challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

Now, why do I do Dance Marathon?

I do Dance Marathon because I found a home with this organization when I really needed one, so I give back as much as I can. The kids, families and students involved in ISUDM are some of the most authentic (if not THE most authentic) individuals I’ve met in my life. Our Miracle Families have inspired me to consistently go for more, because they always do. So it is my mission to help them change more lives as they have mine. I stand because these heroes deserve their best chance.

Swing the fence for your passions, swing the fence to make a difference in someone’s life during your adventure at Iowa State.

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