My First Post!

Hey guys! It’s my first post—yay! I’ve been patiently but also anxiously waiting for this moment, and now it’s here! I have been following Cyclone Life for several years now. I believe it was my senior year in high school when I saw an ad for Cyclone Life looking for bloggers. Ever since then, I have always been determined to become a part of the team! So, I am very excited for my journey here at Iowa State and to share it with you all along the way!

I want to give you guys a little bit of background on me.

This is my first semester here at Iowa State. I transferred here from DMACC in Ankeny. I graduated with my liberal arts degree and am now majoring in communication studies. It has definitely been a life changing experience, going from living at home and commuting to a school that’s “lecture” classes were no more than 30, to living in an apartment and taking a bus to campus of over 36,000. It has been a huge shock, but I wouldn’t change this experience for anything!

Since community college and a university are extremely different, I decided to make my own little bucket list, including things that I never did at DMACC, as well as things more specific to Iowa State.

  • Look into different club options and student organizations

At DMACC, they offered different club options but I never found one that I took interest in. At Iowa State, there are over 850 student organizations. From the Diving Club to The Salt Company, I have to find at least one organization I am interested in!


  • Go to State Gym

I have always wanted to experience working out on the elliptical while watching the world down below through a glass window. Why stare at a wall when you can stare at the beautiful campus while working out!


  • Climb the rock wall

The rock wall in State Gym is HUGE. How cool would it be to be able to climb all the way to the top?! It definitely looks like a challenge!


  • Take photos on campus

 Although I enjoy photography in my free time, campus is SO beautiful, no matter what season it is!


And who knows what you’ll stumble into when soaking in the campus beauty! (This was definitely a very exciting find!)


  • Meet new people

There are so many ways to meet people on campus. Getting involved plays a huge factor into this! So far, I have met a lot of people in my classes and through their friends, as well! It is crazy how even when you get to know a few people, you tend to see them a lot around campus!


These are the biggest points on my bucket list. So far, I have completed some of them, and still have more to do! I am looking forward to the new semester and new opportunities it will bring!

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