The Udder Best Club on Campus

I’m talking about the Dairy Science Club


Here in the Dairy Science Club, we are a group of individuals with a passion for dairy, plain and simple. We are open to anyone and any major! We have members from multiple majors, ranging from dairy science all the way to software engineering.

We are very active club and are chalked full of activities. Here are just some of the things we do:



The club during a farm visit on the way to ADSA last spring

ADSA stands for the American Dairy Science Association. Every spring semester, the club makes the annual trip to the Midwest regional ADSA meeting which is hosted by participating universities. While at ADSA, we get to visit and tour local farms, listen to speakers, and network with peers. There are some other fun activities as well such as a banquet, dance, and down time to just hang out with the club.

Ice Cream Mixing and Ice Cream Sales


What we are most famous for is our ice cream sales every Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm outside of Lush Auditorium in Kildee Hall. For just $1, you can enjoy a cup of some amazing ice cream that we make ourselves! We have mixing days throughout the semester where we churn our own ice cream and add in all those yummy flavors and candies while jamming out to some awesome tunes. Our flavors are ever changing so there is no way you can get bored of the same flavors.



Through out the year, we travel to area elementary schools and educate others about the dairy industry. We also participate in the Animal Science Learning Day which is held out at Hansen Learning Center in the spring.



Relating to education, we also run IMAC, or I Milked A Cow, at the Iowa State Fair each summer. For just a small price, you get to try your hand at milking a cow. You also have the opportunity to watch a cow being milked in a parlor at select times.

Socials & Intramurals


We are have a variety of socials through out the year like barbecues and our annual Christmas party where you get to hang out with the club in a less formal setting. We also participate in many intramurals as a club and plus all our team names consist of some pretty awesome dairy puns.

These are just the tip of the ice berg of all the activities that Dairy Science Club has to offer. There are club trips, volunteering at Food At First, the Homecoming tailgate, coalition, and so much more. We are chalked full of activities and opportunities so no matter what you are looking for, you are bound to find it with us! So if you have a love of dairy, check us out!

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