by Adam

Meeting Your Roommate

After accepting my admission offer and ranking my housing preferences, I left my future to fate and simply waited to find out whom I would be living with come move-in day. I chose to live with a “random roommate.” However, not everyone is thrilled about the idea of randomly being paired with someone. Honestly, I wasn’t overjoyed with the idea. What I didn’t realize then and what I know now is:

1. The idea of living with someone “random” can be daunting, but doing so is a awesome opportunity for personal growth and becomes exciting, not scary.

2. Although Iowa State doesn’t offer a “pairing service,” there are a few resources for finding a roommate.

3. You may become best friends with your roommate or you and your roommate may simply be just that: roommates. Either – or something in-between the two – is a wonderful situation.

I came to Iowa State alongside a number of peers from my high school. Thus, I wanted to use the residence hall as an opportunity to start branching out. Since Iowa State does not offer a roommate matching service, I just submitted my housing preferences and then waited for my assignment. When I received my housing assignment and roommate, we connected on Facebook and figured out who would bring the TV, the futon, and so on. Also, since he wasn’t from too far away, over the summer I met up with him for lunch one day. While we worked well as roommates, we were not really friends. Our acquaintance, though, was nice in that we could do our independent activities and, when together, we got along well. My sister had a different experience: when moving in to her new residence hall, Kylie (my sister) had never even talked to her roommate. However, she quickly became friends with her roomie!


Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of living with a “random roommate.” If this describes you, worry not: there are a few resources available for you! Since Iowa State does not attempt to pair people by profiles, you have the freedom to seek out a roommate by whatever means you desire. Once you’ve found the one, you can make the pairing official with Iowa State Housing. One way roommate pairings form at Iowa State are via class Facebook pages. Are you looking for a roommate? Head over to your “Iowa State University Class of (your year)” page on Facebook, read through roommate request posts or make one yourself. Another means of finding a roommate is using a third party pairing service, such as Roomsurf. One of my current roommates, Stephanie, used this particular site when coming to Iowa State. The service has you fill out an extensive survey and then pairs you with potential people based upon compatibility.

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Not knowing who would be my roommate was a bit daunting. I can see how even knowing that your profiles seem compatible but not really knowing each other could also be a bit frightening. However, the experience can be equally exciting. Mostly likely, both you and your roommate are new to Iowa State. Your roommate is probably also a little anxious about meeting you. As you learn about one another, you’ll both also learn how to share a living space. In addition to having each other, you and your roommate also have a house-full of new people to meet in your community, your community adviser, and, even more people around your residence hall. Not to mention all the new people in classes, clubs, and organizations. If you’re like my sister and become great friends with your roommate, that’s awesome! If you’re like me and simply remain “roommates” with your roommate, that’s awesome too!

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