A Weekend in Ames

  • Go for a walk at Ada Hayden Heritage Park or Ledges State Park
    Ada Hayden is a park located just outside of Ames that has an awesome walking trail. My friends and I love to go rollerblading out there to enjoy the nice weather and get away from campus for a bit. Ledges is located in the nearby town Madrid. It offers plenty to do from camping, hiking, biking, and much more!
    (Shout out to my friend Meg for the awesome pictures!)
  • Grab something to eat
    There is no shortage of food in Ames! There are plenty of your classic restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings, Panera, Noodles and Co., Texas Roadhouse, and Chick-Fil-A. However, there are plenty of other local restaurants that you need to check out, including Hickory Park, 888 Chinese, +39, The Cafe, and Fighting Burrito. I promise you, you will always find something you like!
  • Take a day trip to Des Moines
    With Ames being in such close proximity to Des Moines, why not take a trip and spend the day down there? There are plenty of places to go shopping, catch a movie, eat, play mini golf, and so much more! It’s easy to find something that will interest you and your friends in Des Moines.
  • Go see a movie
    If the weather is below average, you always have the option to go to the movie theater or Cyclone Cinema on the weekends. The movie theater in Ames has multiple options of the newest films. Cyclone Cinema shows one movie per week but is free to students!
  • Stroll around Ames
    Ames has so much to offer! You can go shopping at North Grand Mall or go check out Main Street with small shops and coffee shops. There are plenty of walking trails, parks, and other treasures to be found all around. So if you deserve a much-needed study break, head outside and discover all that Ames has to offer.

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