On Campus Food Truck Vendors Save My Life

With my odd breaks between classes and work, I seriously thank the food truck vendors on campus for saving me on hectic days – or every single day of the week.

There is little to no time to sit, so I was pumped to see that food trucks were coming to campus a few years ago. They made unnecessary stressful situations a lot easier for students like me. Some of my favorite food vendors include Macubana, Cheese Steak Factory, and a new find – Haute Sausages and Pretzels. Both serve messy, but very filling food!

For instance, Macubana, located between Carver and Beardshear, is basically an on-the-go Cafe Beaudelaire, located on Lincoln Way (which, if you’ve never gone, I highly recommend it). What do they serve? Pretty much Latin food – and great gyros! Personally, my favorite thing to get is their cheese and pork empanadas.

Your life will change after you try them, guaranteed. On the other hand, they are very praised by their Tempura Mac Attack, a carb-loaded meal that will also change your life. Finally, each order is topped with some of their own sauces (garlic aioli, chipotle ketchup, parmesan peppercorn, etc.)

Then, Cheese Steak Factory serves all types Philly cheesesteak sandwiches – beef, chicken or a combination of both. Choose veggie options to top your order, make it a combo and you will have a filling meal. This is conveniently located right next to Macubana, so I can easily switch up between days.

I came to love the two places with the most convenient location given my everyday route – which is really lucky, and it has been wonderful. But then I found this other vendor, Haute Sausages and Pretzels, located next to Kildee. They just started their business this spring semester, and they generally serve pretzels and, strange, odd, unusual hot dog combinations. Their specialties: 1) The Albino Squirrel, which is a brat served with hot cheese and cheese curds, 2) the Midnight Run, served with bacon AND Nutella, 3) The Ripper, served with bacon, waffle fries, and something else I can’t remember. Though I really wanted to, I didn’t get the Midnight Run, but went with the Albino Squirrel, because — ISU.

What are your favorite vendors? There are even more options all around campus with all types of food options. For example:

West of campus (by Hoover and Coover Hall)

  • Eat It: all kinds of tacos and more
  • Indian Delights: express Indian delicacies

East of Campus (by Bessey and Kildee Hall)

  • B Fabulous BBQ: pulled pork sandwiches and any to-go
  • Burgies’ Coffee and Tea: for your morning and breakfast fix with delicious coffee, tea or even breakfast burritos
  • Carlos’ Quesadillas: all kinds of tacos and quesadillas
  • Finley’s Curbside Beastro: burgers, hot dogs, wraps and more!

Their business hours can be sporadic, but you’ll find the majority of these on most days (Tuesdays to Thursdays are prime) and between 11am-2pm (besides Burgies’, they are on campus in the mornings).

Thank you for helping me out on this hectic, busy semester and years at Iowa State. Also for helping me be semi-healthy and not skip meals. There is always time to stop by the food vendors and get something to fill up your stomach. There is always a quick alternative. Explore and find your favorite!

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