by Adam

The College Student Phases of Purchasing

I’m not talking just any purchase. Any college student can begrudgingly add the necessary toilet paper to the cart (unless you have the luxury of living in a residence hall with the stocked and cleaned restroom, in which case the most bland and cumbersome purchase is maybe a tube of toothpaste). But no, I’m talking about when you come across something you must have – those new Apple AirPods, an article of clothing or pair of shoes, an espresso machine, or whatever sparks your joy. Unless you’re one to impulse shop and then return regretful purchases, you might find that you go through these College Student Purchasing Phases.

Love: at first sight, this is something you must have

Shock: you’ve fallen in love with the product… then you notice the price tag

Contemplation: the price is daunting, but the thing is so worth it

Inquiry: maybe this is a foolish purchase, so you check your account balance

Rationalization: checking your account balance was far from reassuring, but

Exuberance: you become overwhelmed with joy as you click “Complete Purchase” or swipe that card

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