So the class you want to take is full. Well…

It’s that time of year where we are all rushing to get into the classes that we want. But what happens if the class is full?
frustratedDon’t worry! You have options and it’s going to work out! You should have a list of backup classes you can take in case this happens. However, there are other ways to see if you can still get into the class.

  • Look for another class that has similar material
    If you are not a graduating senior and it looks highly unlikely that you will get into the class, ask your advisor or friends if there is another class with similar material. It may not be exactly the class that you wanted, but it could be a strong substitute!
  • Talk to your adviser
    Your adviser is there for a reason! Talk to them and see if you can take it next semester, next year, or if you should try asking the professor. They know the professors and will be able to give you the best advice for that class!
  • Talk to the professor
    There are cases where your advisor will tell you to ask the professor if he or she will admit you. This is similar to a wait list. Even if the professor can’t admit you at that time, you will be on their radar and they might allow you to come to the first few classes and then if someone drops it they will add you to the roster.
  • Wait and Watch
    I know this sounds tedious, but this is how I have gotten into a lot of sections of my classes that worked better in my schedule that the ones I initial got into. If you wait until final grades for the semester come out, there are usually spots that open up. This is because some people may drop a class because they didn’t do as well in a different class or maybe they are transferring last minute. Either way, they drop the class and that opens up a spot for you. If you wait until grades are posted, more seats may open up. Also keep in mind that people are modifying their schedules up until the 2nd week of class! If you just continue to watch AccessPlus, you might get lucky and find a seat!
  • See if it is offered next semester/year
    If you are not a graduating senior, see if you can take the class next semester or next year. Some classes just fill up really fast and you might not be able to get a seat until next year! Don’t get discouraged. Just make sure you know when it is offered next so that you don’t miss it.

If it is a class you need in order to graduate, they will usually help you out. You just need to make sure you are planning ahead and getting all of the requirements in to avoid a mishap. 

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