Rock Your Interview

  1. Dress to impress
    Dress professionally! Stick to solid colors and simple patterns if possible. I usually tend to go with black pants, shoes, and blazer, with a solid colored top underneath. I opt for a watch and simple necklace, but no rings as I don’t want to fidget with them if I get nervous. If you are unsure if what you are wearing is okay, ask someone or do a quick search!
  2. Prepare for the questions they will ask you
    Having well thought-out answers to questions they will ask is important and you should be able to manipulate these answers for multiple scenarios. I always like to Google potential questions and then talk myself through how I would answer them. Take about 2-3 seconds before answering a question to think about the question and that you are answering it how you want.
  3. Ask them thoughtful questions
    Make sure that you have a good list of questions that you can ask them. Nothing says that you are more interested than doing your research and asking your potential employer questions about it! Don’t ask things that you could find on their site, but rather more in depth questions that tie in stats about their company or program. Feel free to ask the interviewers why they work there and what they enjoy or don’t enjoy about it.questions
  4. Arrive early
    There’s no need to arrive an hour early and just sit awkwardly in the waiting area, but be courteous and get there about 10-15 minutes early. It will show that you are prepared.
  5. Send a thank you afterwards
    This is the most important part of the interview! No matter what, always send a thank you e-mail or card to your interviewers (or other people that helped you along the way and can send the message). Thank them for taking time out of their day to interview you and let them know how much you appreciate their insight into the job.
    thank you

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