How I will be spending my summer

I am happy to announce that I will be working with Cumulus Media as a promotions and marketing intern for the summer of 2017.

Wrong Time To Clap

[Hold your applause!]

Who exactly is Cumulus Media? They are a large-scale radio broadcasting conglomerate with over 8,200 radio channels and yours truly will be working in the Des Moines branch!

I am so excited for this experience. I will be working with professionals in radio broadcasting and getting to do loads of promotional videography. I’ve even been told that I might be able to host my own show on the radio. So if you are in the central Iowa area over the summer, you might hear my voice on the radio at some point.

In order for me to graduate as a journalism student, I need to obtain a 400-hour internship within my major that impacts my future career goals. And this is exactly what this internship yields for me.

So why write a blog about this? Because this is to show that your dreams and wishes can come through if you work for them. I am so fortunate to have the positions I do because they have propelled me toward a brighter future in my field.

Whatever you want to do in college can be accomplished. You just have to set yourself up for success in the simplest ways possible and it can be achieved.

I just wanted to tell you all I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER VACATION! If you’re in Ames over the summer and have some free time, feel free to give me a ring.

You may clap now!


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