How Iowa and Illinois are basically the same

Being an out-of-state student can make you a little homesick from time to time.


But what if the states weren’t that far off from each other? Let’s say in this example, how my home state of Illinois (You don’t pronounce the ‘s’!) and my second home of Iowa (*You are here) are very similar.

  • BOTH HAVE: Amazing Foods

Who doesn’t love food?! Everyone can bond over a nice meal. In Iowa, you can get Zombie Burger, Superdogs, scotcharoos and hamballs.

In Illinois, make sure you grab some deep-dish pizza, Portillo’s, horseshoes (an open-face burger smothered with fries) and Harold’s Chicken before you head home.

  • BOTH HAVE: Awesome State Attractions

We all need some form of entertainment. Between the two states, you can go to the Iowa State Fair, Navy Pier, Adventureland, Wrigley Park, RAGBRAI and Spirit of Peoria Ferry Tours. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  • BOTH HAVE: Lots of Cornfields

Let’s see if we can tell which is an Iowan cornfield and which is an Illini cornfield.

Can you tell the difference? Me neither and I Googled them!

  • BOTH HAVE: The Weirdest Weather

I’ve already spoken about the weather, but both are ridiculously splendid. They keep you guessing on what to wear and what to do. The fact that in February we could wear shorts for a week still baffles me. And that isn’t just in Iowa; Illinois had the same temperature changes too.


  • BOTH HAVE: Major Division I Schools

The Cyclones. The Fighting Illini. The Panthers. The Braves. The Bulldogs. The Huskies. The Hawkeyes. The Redbirds. This list could go on and on about all of the great colleges and athletic programs both states have.

See, we aren’t too far off. The only main difference I see between the two is that Illinois doesn’t have Iowa State University. I am thankful every day for attending this university. There are so many opportunities I have received here at Iowa State that I doubt I would’ve had if I stayed home in Illinois.

That being said, it’s nice when the college state isn’t too far off from your home state.

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