The Cyclone Cinema Fall 2017 Lineup

As a world film studies minor and all-around film aficionado (my friends say I’m like a walking IMDB), I can obviously appreciate a great movie and am well acquainted with a projector.

Here at Iowa State, we have one of the best ways for students to watch recent blockbusters. If you haven’t heard about it already, I would like to introduce you to Cyclone Cinema!

Cyclone Cinema is located in the first floor of Carver Hall and is open every Thursday through Sunday with two show times at 7pm and 10pm. And when I saw this semester’s lineup, I was like this:


Check it out for yourself:

So many great flicks in here that you can best believe you’ll see me in the theatre laughing, crying and in suspense depending on the film that week. And that’s what makes Cyclone Cinema so dope; if you didn’t get to see one of these films over the summer or around its release date, you get to watch it for free!

On deck for this week is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I saw this on opening night, but I wouldn’t mind a second viewing.

Hope to see you there this weekend (and probably every weekend after…).

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