Student Job Board

College can be an expensive time, and sometimes you just need some extra cash. Luckily, Iowa State has plenty of opportunities for you to get a job! These can range from tutoring to research work to childcare services! The easiest way to find local job listing is to check out your AccessPlus. Remember though, not all employers post to the Student Job Board. If you are interested in a job position through a professor you like or a business you are interested in, go into them personally to ask for more information!

  1. Start by logging in to AccessPlus.
  2. Click on the “Student” tab in the upper righthand corner.
  3. Click on ‘Student Job Board’ which is located on the left hand side of the page.
    Student Job Board
  4. Under ‘View Jobs’ in the left menu, you can choose to view jobs in a wide variety of options such as:
    • By Area
    • By Location
    • By Category
    • Recently Posted
    • Summer
    • Seasonal/Temporary
  5. Click on the job name in the main window to view information including requirements, hours, pay rate, and application details. This will tell you what will be expected of you in this job, who to contact for more information, and when the job would start!

The job board is great because it will classify the jobs by categories and by type of student employment. These include on-campus, off-campus, Federal and State Work Study, and Undergraduate Research Assistant Program.

On-campus jobs are open to all Iowa State students that meet the requirements and are mainly paid hourly. Off-campus jobs are located in Ames and surrounding communities and can include light yard work, farm help, cashier services, housework, and much more. Federal and State Work-Study are based on financial need and are part of a subsidized employment program. You can learn more about work-study. Undergraduate Research Assistant Program offers students the chance to work with professors and research programs. Learn more about the Undergraduate Research Assistantship program.

There are plenty of opportunities for students at Iowa State to gain skills and experience and earn some extra cash. They are not limited to what is found on the Student Job Board and can even have multiple opportunities in different fields! So check out the Student Job Board today and see what interests you the most!

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