Things to Leave at Home on Move-In Day

With all the stress of trying to figure out what to pack and how much to pack, it is easy to get swept up in the whole process. There are plenty of resources out there for you to figure out what to pack but not very much on what NOT to pack. Fear not, I am here to provide you with this much needed information.

1. Clothes for all seasons
You are not going to need snow boots hiking across campus in August nor are you going to need those flip flops in January. Pack clothes for the current season with a few options for if the wacky Iowa weather decides to do something extreme. You can switch out your clothes when you visit home over a weekend or during a holiday. If you can’t go home for some reason, pack a small selection for each season, just enough so you don’t have to do laundry every single day.

2. Pets (aside from fish)
As much as we would love to have them along for the ride, pets aren’t allowed in the dorms unless they are assistance animals which can all be explained at this link. But, you are allowed to have a pet fish! If it lives in a tank and underwater, you are good to go!

3. Large electrical appliances
Unfortunately, if you are living in one of the dorms that is without air conditioning, you are not allowed to bring your own air conditioner. Also, your mini fridge cannot be larger than 4.6 cubic feet, 115 volts, and 230 watts. Other electric appliances that are off limits include fog machines, space heaters, and wireless routers.

I know this sounds like a, “no duh”, kind of point but is often overlooked. You can’t pack your whole room from home in a tiny dorm room you share with another person. As you pack, really think if you are going to need an item. If it’s an obvious no, don’t pack it. If it’s an, “I don’t know” or a “maybe”, pack those in separate boxes. If they fit in your dorm room, great! If not, send them home with mom and dad. If you want to take something home later or pick something up and bring it back, it is possible! All it takes is a trip home or a shipping box!

For a complete list of what you can’t bring (and also some suggests of what to bring) check out the Department of Residence’s move-in pageĀ here!

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