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Career Fair Advice from a Super Senior

My time at Iowa State has flown by and I’m now in my final semester, and in just a couple of weeks I will go to the career fair for the last time!

I’ve learned a little over the last few years of going to career fairs and hope to pass on some of that to you.

Prepare Your Resume

Try to highlight your experience and how that sets you apart from other students. GPA and awards do matter some, but it’s your experience, skills, and how you’ve added value to companies or organizations in the past that will set you apart.

No need for resume paper, standard printer will do.

For 99% of students, one page is sufficient.

Research Companies

Know what they do. Companies want to hire people who know about them and want to work for them.

Know what positions they are looking for (especially those listed on Cyhire)

Attend company info sessions. These are a great way for you to see what a company is all about, determine if you might want to work there, and possibly network with employees of said company. Check CyHire ->Events-> Information Sessions for a growing list of company info sessions

Put on your Best Self

On the day of the career fair, companies will talk to hundreds of students, but can only interview a handful, so again the key is to set yourself apart from the others.  You’ll want to come across as professional, personable, yet be yourself. A big part of this initial meeting will be based on the recruiter’s first impression of you and how well they think you could fit into their organization.

Prepare for Interviewing

You could be the perfect person for the job, with all the right skills and experience, but not get the job if you can’t interview well.

Have your answers ready for the basic interview questions. From my experience, most engineering companies will ask Behavioral-based Interview Questions and want you to respond using the STAR method.

For a more complete list of how to prepare for the career fair, check out Engineering Career Services extensive information on the employment process.


Engineering Fall Career Fair – September 19, 2017, Noon – 6:00pm, Hilton Coliseum and Scheman Building

Business, Industry and Technology Fall Career Fair – September 20, 2017, Noon – 6:00pm, Hilton Coliseum  (Business, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Human Sciences)

People to People Fall Career Fair – September 20, 2017, Noon – 6:00pm, Scheman Building
(Focused on Human/Social Services, Education, Health/Wellness, Government, and Hospitality – Hosted by the Colleges of Human Sciences and Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Day –  October 17, 2017, 9:00am – 3:00pm, Lied Rec Center

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