What I Learned at Cumulus Media

Wow, we are so into our school schedules that I didn’t even get to make a “summer is over” post. But I can still tell you about my summer internship.

To provide a little context, click here to check out the first post I made about my internship with Cumulus Media.

Now that I’m done, let’s take a step back and really reflect on what I was able to accomplish. I worked the 400+ hour schedule; I got to make from awesome promotional videos for each of the stations, and while I didn’t get my own show I was on the radio several times getting to do some voice-over work. So goals achieved!

Check out this video I produced, edited and voiced for this year’s Big Country Bash:

Here are some commercials I produced for on-air usage:

I really learned how to be an adult this summer. As college students, we are all still trying to discover what being an adult means and while I’m no expert, cooking for myself while operating a few different jobs (including my internship) and still finding time for the gym and relaxing with friends was a step in the right direction.

Even if I didn’t need this internship for JLMC 499A, it was necessary because I learned so much about radio broadcasting works, how we interact with clients, interviewing bands (then attending their shows) and running NASH Next, a national singing competition that made T-Swift famous.

[Here’s the band Beard & Company performing during the qualifiers.]

And of course, I’ll miss all the friends I’ve made:

All in all, there’s so much to talk about in regards to my internship and my time employed by Cumulus Media. After a nice night out with everyone, they talked about bringing me on after I graduate which could be an amazing opportunity for me. I’m so pumped to what the future holds and a great chunk of that is thanks to my time with Cumulus.

Soon enough, you’ll see me with this:

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