Chilly Weather Outfit Staples

Who loves chilly weather? I know I do! Hot drinks and sweaters, anyone? But it also becomes inconvenient as I have to walk around outside on a daily basis.

For someone like me who spends up to 12 hours at a time being on campus, it’s important to dress comfortably, but I still like to try to dress well. Over time I have found the clothing that helps me to meet those needs!


A giant scarf.

I usually keep a simple black scarf in my backpack with me because I find that it also doubles up as a blanket for those long nights in the library. I’ve also found that having something to cover your neck makes a huge difference in the warmth that you feel, especially on windy days. I prefer ones that are more square-shaped and a fleece or cotton material rather than a knitted material, so that I really feel like I’m basically just buying a blanket. They look good with any outfit and they’re also very functional!


Black joggers.

When it gets too cold to wear tights under my dresses or skirts, I have learned to give up and wear something warmer instead.¬†As someone who doesn’t like to wear skinny jeans on a regular basis (they make me feel like I’m suffocating sometimes!), I have found that a good pair of black, well fitted joggers like these are quite versatile while still maintaining comfort. They look great with any t-shirt or sweater slightly tucked in for a casual look, or you can even wear them with button-up shirts for a more business casual look. A lot of joggers like these nowadays come fleeced on the inside for extra warmth!


Oversized bomber jacket.

This easily became one of my most worn pieces because it’s so easy to throw over any outfit to make it look edgier but keep you warm, and it’s a great layering piece. You can layer this over anything; t-shirts, sweaters, button-ups, and hoodies! I even layer this over dresses to make it look less girly. It’s a piece that you can easily throw on over your outfit at the last minute and it will transform the outfit to look more put together and stylish.


Tank tops.

These have helped me immensely during the coldest of the winter months. Having an extra layer of clothing to lock in that heat really helps, especially when it is covering your stomach. During December and January, I wear these under everything. You can buy these in bulk for really cheap, so I’d suggest making the investment! It made a huge difference to me, who gets sick easily. They especially look great when layered under off-the-shoulder sweatshirts!


While I really love fashion, I also think it’s important to stay comfortable, as I find it easiest to study that way. Wear the things that make you happy, and wear what makes it easy to concentrate in school!

Good luck!

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