by Cole

How to Make Registering for Classes 10 Times Easier

I recently discovered that not everyone knows about the Iowa State Schedule Planner, an online application that makes registering for classes 10 times easier!

Simply put this tool gives you every possible schedule for a given set of classes and available times, saving you from having to do that work manually.

Here’s how to use it:

Input all of your classes

  • Search for your class
  • Click “Add to Schedule Planner” (1)
  • Repeat for all of your classes
  • Click “Go to Schedule Planner” (2)

Now you can see all of the possible combinations for your schedule! In some cases, when there are plenty of options, you can add more constraints to help narrow down your schedule options.

Choose which sections you want or don’t want– You may want to remove online sections for a certain course, or choose the section with your favorite professor.

  • Click the “+” to see all of the sections for a course (1)
  • Click on a section to deselect it (2)

Block out times you don’t want to be in class- Simply click and drag on the schedule to reserve times

In this example, the Course Planner tool helped narrow down from 500 possible combinations, down to just 6, making your life a lot easier! When you’ve settled in on a schedule you want, simply record the section number for each of your courses and add them in AccessPlus.

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