Scheduling Classes for Spring Semester?

It’s that time again where we build our schedule for the next semester!

If you’ve never scheduled classes before, I’m here to give you some tips on how to do that. Let’s get the best schedule possible for next spring!

1. Check for your registration date and time!

  1. Go to your AccessPlus
  2. On the left side, find “Current Stdnt Info”
  3. In the top box, there should be something that says “Registration Start Dates And Times.” Look there, as this is important. When scheduling your classes, some of the really popular classes go fast, so every minute counts!

2. Schedule an appointment with your academic adviser.

They will usually want you to schedule your appointment 1-2 days before your registration time, so that they can have an accurate idea of what classes are still open for you to sign up.


3. Create a few potential schedules of what your day could look like.

Things to consider:

  • Do you have a job or are considering one? What type of hours/shifts do you want to work?
  • Are there are any prerequisites for future classes that you need to get done as early as possible?
  • What classes are ones that are required for your major vs. electives that you’d like to take?
  • Do you live on campus or close, or far away? How long does it take to commute to and from school, and what is the bus schedule like?
  • Are you a morning person? A night owl?
  • Do you have other things you need to do such as club meetings, working out, or proposed study times?
  • Will you have time to eat lunch or dinner?


During second semester of my freshman year, I made a big mistake and just scheduled classes without thinking about my other responsibilities such as club meetings or work, and I ended up with a really awkward schedule. What I did to save myself for this fall semester is that I created a few different potential schedules that I could have, so that way when registration time came along, it was stress free and easy.

  1. Once you’ve compiled a list of classes that you want or need to take, go here to check the times and days that they are offered.┬áMake sure there is enough time between classes and/or work to commute between them!
  2. Put them into calendars. You can use these to print out and manually write them, or you can put them into an online calendar.
  3. I’d suggest to make at least 2-3 because you never know what classes might not be available anymore by the time you schedule your classes.


4. Make sure you don’t overwork yourself!

Self-care is important, and you need to have some time to rest and do something that you enjoy.

Good luck with scheduling and hoping for a great second semester!

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