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Access Your ISU Files and Software From Any Computer

I showed this to a friend of mine and he said: “How am only learning about this a month before graduation??”  Once again another super useful website that I thought everyone knew about!

Imagine this: you were working on an assignment in the computer lab and then headed home for the night only to realize you forgot to do one small part or forgot to upload the completed assignment. It’s a common problem. You could head all the way back to the computer lab just to do five minutes worth of work, or you could do it remotely from the comfort of your own place!

Introducing: Remote Computing!

VMware Horizon is a remote computing solution available at Iowa State, at no extra cost, and best of all there is no need to download or install anything! (if you are on campus)

**Note: If you are off campus, you need to first install a and run a free VPN, details here: (Mac, Windows).

Simply go to:

Select: VMware Horizon HTML Access

Login with your ISU Net-ID and password

Select the desktop you want to remotely access.

**Note: You will be able to access your network drive files from any of these, but the available software is different for each desktop

Wait a few moments…

And you’re in! You can now remotely access your ISU files and software from the browser of your personal computer!


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