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The Best Budget Housing Near Campus

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing where to live: location, cost, size, furnished or unfurnished, where your friends live, and availability of parking to name a few.  For me, the biggest two factors were cost and location. Based on these, as well as being near some of my friends, I chose to live in University Village.

University Village is one of 5 university-owned/ university-operated apartments at Iowa State.

As displayed on the Department of Residence website, the 2017 rate for a University Village 2 Bedroom Townhouse costs $5,638 per year split between two people, making it $1409.50 per semester, plus the monthly gas bill. At this rate, it’s actually significantly cheaper than other ISU housing options!

All university apartments come with a full bathroom, living room, and a kitchen that includes a stove top, oven, and refrigerator. Most of the University Village apartments are unfurnished, so you will need to bring your own bed, desk, couch, etc. to furnish according to your needs.

Another benefit is that because it is an ISU apartment, you are only contracted for terms where you are a student on campus. That is, if you move out for the summer, for a semester co-op, or graduate in December like me, you don’t have to worry about finding someone to sublease from you!

Check out the Department of Residence website for more details on where to live on or around campus.

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