Decisions, decisions! What type of housing assignment do I want?

This is the time of the year that many prospective students are applying and accepting their offers to the college or university they want to attend. Usually when you accept your offer of admission, you will next need to decide where you’d like to live. Freshmen are typically encouraged to live in the university’s residence halls, also known as dorms. Universities tend to recommend this type of housing to students for two reasons:

1) It is an opportunity to get students to interact with one another and develop friendships.

2) It makes your parents/guardians to feel more comfortable with dropping you off at college.

You will come to realize that parents become emotional and protective when it comes to dropping off their student at college. They might not show it when you are being dropped off, but they will definitely show it when they are leaving.

At Iowa State, you can choose between many styles of residence halls. Do you want to live in a single, double, triple, or quad type room? Would you like a traditional or suite style room? How close do you want to be to your classes? Do you need A/C? How much does it cost? All of these will be questions that you will need to ask yourself when selecting your residence hall. Students living in a residence hall at Iowa State are required to have a meal plan. Make sure you keep that in mind as well.

Students who are 19 or older and/or transfer students who want to live on campus, have the opportunity to choose between living in an apartment or residence hall. Living in the on-campus apartments comes with more responsibility and independence. Keep in mind, you will have to cook and clean for yourself. If you live in an on-campus apartment at Iowa State, you are not required to have a meal plan. There also are not custodians to clean your bathroom and kitchen.

College really makes you become decisive and independent. College welcomes growth and development. Take full advantage of these opportunities to grow and develop! Get Pumped! It’s college!

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