Iowa Weather & College Life

Iowa is a beautiful place – especially during the fall, spring, and summer months. But when winter hits – it’s a different story. The scenery will go from sunshine that warms your skin and blossomed flowers that fill the air with a sweet scent to rain and snow. I personally do not like snow nor rain. Both of these types of weather conditions mess up my vibe and attitude. With Iowa, you can never truly predict what the weather is going to look like the next day or sometimes in the next hour or two.

One time I was walking through campus and the sun was beaming on my forehead. I was in such a great mood and just enjoying the beautiful day. Then, all of sudden like after walking literally like 10 feet it starts down pouring rain. I am looking at the sky like what just happened. How is the weather just going to switch on me like that? So, I turn around and realize that its not raining behind me. Now I totally conflicted on what is exactly going on. I look at the sky again for a good five minutes to realize that half of campus has rain coming down while the other half is sunny without rain. In my head, I’m tripping like is this really occurring right now, I have never seen this happen before. After awhile of having my mind blown, I continue on my day.

Iowa weather will definitely have you guessing on what to wear, what to bring with you, what not to bring with you, and just questioning your whole day. I do recommend bringing a heavy duty winter coat for the winter, because Iowa doesn’t just get snow. We also get heavy wind that will blow you away. As we enter winter, you will probably hear more stories about the snow and how that can control your whole mood.

Weather can depict your day and your mood. It is something about the connection between the earth and the human body, where either one can determine each others operation for the day.

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