Wanna Work at an ISU Dining Center?

Hello! Since many of you may be considering getting a job next semester, I’d like to talk about my experiences working for ISU Dining. It’s on-campus, a quick application process, and offers some great benefits.

This is my third semester working for Seasons, the dining center near Maple-Willow-Larch. Other possible dining centers to work at include Friley Windows, Union Drive Community Center, Storms and Conversations. ISU Dining facilities include our on-campus cafes and the Memorial Union, but they work a little bit differently than the dining centers, so the information I cover will be more focused specifically on dining centers.

Pros of working at a dining center:

  • You can work between your classes, or back-to-back with your classes. I have a class at 9:30am, then I go to work for a few hours, and then return to another class afterwards.
  • You can score free food if you work a shift over 3 hours, which is a huge plus if you don’t have a meal plan. I live off-campus, so that’s less lunches that I have to pack or purchase.
  • Dining centers employ students, and a lot of them. Many of my closest friends are people I met through work!
  • It is easy to pick up extra shifts for when you have something coming up that you want to save up for.
  • The starting pay is $9 an hour, which is higher than most other on-campus jobs and even off-campus jobs.
  • If you are an international student, you are applicable to work for ISU Dining, and the process is easy!
  • Starting the second semester that you work, you can pick your own schedule.

The uniforms, which consist of an ISU Dining t-shirt and hat are provided upon hire. The only other thing that you need to provide is long pants (preferably jeans or cargo pants) and close-toed shoes. I wear my sneakers!

The lengths of typical shifts go from 1.5 hours to a little over 5 hours at most. Any shift over 4 hours includes a paid 15-minute break in which you can eat for free during that time. Most of my shifts are between 2-3 hours long. This is great for me, because other jobs that I’ve worked at usually consisted of 5-8 hour shifts, which could get really tiring and time-consuming.

Once you are given a schedule, your shifts will remain the same every week. This means the start and end time of the shift will be the same each week, and the job that you do will be the same. There are a variety of different shifts that are offered.

Things you might do during a typical shift:

  • Serve food (the majority of the shifts are serving food)
  • Clean
  • Unload grocery orders
  • Prep meals
  • Restock beverages
  • Dish room
  • And other things!

Typically speaking, you are expected to work a minimum of 10 hours per week and no more than 20. Some dining centers may have some other sort of requirement for working for their facility that you should follow. In the past, I have worked 12-14 hours per week at Seasons and found it to be just fine, but some people just want to commit 10 hours and some people are looking to make more money and work 20. It all comes down to what you’re able to commit to, and the dining centers will match your schedule to that.

In my experience, I have found it pretty easy to work here. Some people just work for one semester when they need the extra money or want to feel more productive, and some people have worked here for all 4 years of their college experience.

Whatever your needs may be, I hope that this information was helpful!

You can find more information and apply here if you are interested!

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