Reaching the Halfway-Done Point of College

I am about halfway done with my undergraduate degree (completion of 61 credits).

This year I will turn 20. I’m still letting that sink in.

In a way, it’s like a mid-life crisis for me. In about two years, I will graduate, enter the adult working world, or move onto graduate school, or maybe something else will happen in my life. The last two years of my life seemed to have flown by before my eyes.

I’ve contemplated switching my major many times (still doing so), had the highest happiest moments of my life as well as the loneliest of lows, and encountered many different types of experiences and opportunities. Every semester, I’ve generally hung out with a different group of campus friends. Every time I had a plan or course of action, things went differently, and usually for the better.

The main thing I’ve seen in myself is that I am not the person I was when I began university. And that’s the beauty of it! Everyday, you and I are changing in some way.

When I first entered university:

  • I was not good with handling my personal finances.
  • I didn’t really know how to “study.” (High school was easier times…)
  • I was passionate… a little too passionate… about my personal beliefs to the point that I was quick to judge others who thought differently.
  • I was set on the classes I wanted or needed to take.
  • I was terrified of having to do things away from home, away from my family, and away from most of my friends.
  • I didn’t know where life was going to take me.

At my midway point:

  • I’ve gained a job that I love and can put my passions and skills to use (writing for Cyclone Life!)
  • I’ve gained a wider view of how people from different backgrounds may think differently, allowing me to learn to back off and accept differences, and gain new friendships in which I have engaging, respectful conversations and am eager to learn.
  • I have created monthly budgets for myself, and created savings.
  • I now sign up for classes because of genuine interest in the topic, and look forward to having at least one general education or “fun” class each semester.
  • I am a lot more physically active and stronger, thanks to having to walk around campus everyday. Everyday I get in 10,000 steps or more!
  • I can comfortably eat out by myself.
  • I still don’t know where life is going to take me.

I’ve had to change my way of thinking. Instead of having a very strict, rigid plan for my life, I need to observe how things go. Take the extra opportunities when they’re given to you, and work hard to reach your intended goals as well.

I hope that we are all able to grow, learn, and have fun along the way to a beautiful new future that we have yet to see.

Good luck!

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