5 Amazing Apps for ISU Students

I don’t know about you, but I can be a forgetful person sometimes, especially as I get loaded with classes, homework, activities, working, and spending time with my friends. It’s important to stay on top of things, and there are apps to help us do that!

Here I will share my favorite apps that help me stay organized and in check.


1. Spending Tracker.

If you’re trying to be better at budgeting, or are just curious to see how you tend to spend your money, then I recommend Spending Tracker!

Each time you make a purchase or earn money, you can enter it into this application, and you can create categories! As each month passes, you will be able to see where you tend to spend most of your money, so you can plan where to cut back if necessary. You can also sync this into a DropBox account.



2. MyState App.

How could I ignore the MyState app as an ISU student? MyState allows you to see bus schedules, what’s going to be served at dining centers and restaurants on campus, a schedule of events on campus, a campus map, and much much more!

You can even see what fairs are coming up, and you can add your class schedule. Some other handy things on this app include being able to calculate your GPA and keeping up with ISU news.

My personal favorite feature is being able to see how many seats are available at testing centers.



3. Trello.

My friend Sharon actually showed me this application, and it has really changed my life! I use Trello to make to-do lists, and I break down each task into smaller tasks so that I can keep track of everything that I need to do. You can drag and drop tasks into different categories.

Sharon taught me to use it as a Kanban board, meaning to have a to-do list of 3 categories: to-do, doing, and done.

Create tasks that you need to do (and I suggest to break down each task into even smaller tasks) in the “to-do” section, drag it into the “doing” section when you start on it (many tasks can take us several hours or days to complete), and then drag it into the “done” section when you finish it! It’s very satisfying to see the “done” list continue to grow over time!

Here is a link that explains Kanban boards better.

Of course, you can use this app however you want! You can download it onto your phone and computer and make them sync up!


4. Google Calendar.

I’m a huge fan of Google Calendar, because now I never forget to show up to something, and it’s made me quite punctual! I love being able to color-code, marking down due dates for big assignments or deadlines, and this has made a huge difference in my life.

Here is a sample calendar that I created to show you guys what it will look like!



5. Quizlet.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Quizlet, but have you taken advantage of all their features on their app? Besides their digital flash cards, you can also use it to play card-matching games, create your own mock quizzes, and share your cards with your friends. It’s a much more fun way to study, and saves paper as well!

I hope these apps help you to become more organized, stay on top of your game, and help you through your college career!

Good luck.

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