Clubs in the Ivy College of Business

Joining clubs at Iowa State and in the Ivy College of Business will help you get involved on campus, improve skills, and learn more about what you like and maybe what you don’t like too! Overall, student organizations in the Ivy College of Business are classified as: General, Major Specific, Business Fraternities, Honor Societies and Graduate Students. At Iowa State, there are over 850 clubs and organizations!

General clubs in the Ivy College of Business include: Business Council, Collegiate Women in Business, Gerdin Citizenship Program, Global Business, Investment Group, Multicultural, Real Estate, Sales, Sports and more! I joined the Gerdin Citizenship Program because I was able to improve my skills in: Professionalism, Public Discourse, Diversity, Global Awareness, Ethics, Civic Responsibility, Leadership and Organizational Commitment. By completing the Gerdin Citizenship Program, I was given a certificate and I was able to meet the Dean! This accomplishment is a big deal in the Ivy College of Business and many companies sponsor the program, which students are able to complete at their own pace, usually within one academic year.

There are also major specific clubs for Accounting, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing and Supply Chain Management. I really enjoyed being a member of the Supply Chain Management Club because I was able to network with employers that would come in, learn more about how my classes and knowledge would translate to my full-time job, there was often free food at the meetings, and there is a Supply Chain Management specific career fair where I can get more 1:1 interaction with employers because I am a Supply Chain Club member.

Overall, from my experiences with the clubs offered at Iowa State and in the Ivy College of Business, attend meetings for as many clubs and organizations that sound interesting to you, but make sure to keep school as a priority. From my experiences recruiting for my employer, we prefer to see that you have a well-rounded college experience with club and organization involvement. This will show employers that you are the type of person that will excel in and out of the workplace, and you will be a value-added employee. For me, it has worked well to keep my club involvement focused to 1-2 clubs that correlate to your personal hobbies and interests, and also 1-2 clubs that relate to your intended major and future employment potential. It is great to have fun and keep up with your hobbies but balancing your commitments between personal and professional is a must!

Click here for all the clubs and organizations currently at Iowa State!

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